Courses Offered *

Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (SDA) Class

This class is required to obtain a license in the State of Oklahoma to legally conceal or open carry a firearm for self-defense. Eight hours is the required time of instruction on Title 21, Oklahoma Law and safe handling of a firearm, to obtain a signed certificate of completion. Our instructors use material from Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), Council Law on Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET), combined with real-life stories to ensure one will retain the knowledge learned about Oklahoma law and Title 21.

Course Length: 8-Hours (State mandated)

Cost: $60

Women’s First to Firearms Class

This class is designed specifically for women with minimal or no firearm experience. This class is perfect for women wanting learn more about firearms in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Whether taking for self-defense or a new hobby of shooting, this class is perfect for the lady that has never had experience in handling of a firearm. This course is 4-hours long and includes classroom instruction and introduction to the range. This is a hands-on class, where women will have the opportunity to handle different firearms by different manufactures.

Course Length: 4-Hours

Cost: $40

Intro to Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance Class

You’ve invested in an asset that will last a lifetime, now invest in how the properly clean and maintain your asset. This class is a hands-on class that will provide guidance on cleaning your firearm. This is a casual and relaxing class to learn the basics in cleaning and maintaining your firearm.

Course Length: 2-Hours

Cost: $25

Intro to Combat Shotgun Class

This is an introduction class that covers all aspects in the selection and operation of combat type shotguns. Have you heard “all you need for self -defense is a shotgun?” Well, that may be true, but have you trained to use your shotgun for self-defense. A shotgun can do more harm than good if the shooter isn’t properly trained. What if you were faced with a hostage situation and all that was at hand was your trusty ole shotgun? Could you make that shot? We will instruct you on both positive and negative points of using shotguns for real situations.

Course Length: 8-Hours

Cost: $200

Semi-Auto Handgun Classes for Everyone

Big Boys Guns, Ammo & Range is proud to present a series of Semi-auto handgun training classes. These classes are taught by our instructors and will take the shooter from beginner to advanced enthusiast.

Semi-Auto Handgun Bundle: Purchase all semi-auto courses and become a WARRIOR for a discounted price of $460. Discount price must be paid in full at time of first course scheduling.

Beyond the Oklahoma (OK) Self-Defense Act (SDA) Class

The OK-SDA will provide you with the vast knowledge of Title-21 and OK Law in regards to when and where you can carry your firearm; but you will learn nothing about how to deploy and use that firearm. You will learn nothing in regards to the “Rules” of a “Gunfight”. Big Boys Gun, Ammo & Range has developed a class that will equip you with the knowledge and “Warriors Mindset” to defend yourself and loved ones in an armed confrontation. In this hands-on training, you will learn how to apply what you learned or will learn in OK-SDA, in “real world training”. You will learn, in the “Rules of a Gunfight”: Rule #1: “There are NO RULES”

Course Length: 8-Hours

Cost: $100

Basic Handgun Class

Like building a house, in order to have a solid house you must first have a solid foundation. If you are interested in purchasing or have purchased a handgun, this entry level course for handgun training is for you. This class is aggressive and hands-on training unlike you’ve encountered with handgun basics. It is not for the weak-minded.

Course Length: 8-Hours

Cost: $100

Advanced Handgun I Class

This class is for those shooters that have already mastered the basics of handgun shooting and are wishing to expand their knowledge of handgun utilization. This class picks up where basic pistol left off. Have you ever wondered why certain handguns are developed and chosen by some of Americas top shooters? Did you know that every type of firearm is developed for its own purpose? Examples are: Recreation, Sport Shooting, Hunting, Self Defense and Home Protection.

Course Length: 8-Hours

Cost: $175

Advanced Handgun II Class

This class is for those who want to take their handgun training to the next level, learning the “Warriors Mindset”. For students to have success in this class, Advanced Handgun 1 is required before taking this class. This class will teach you to apply all training and experience you’ve learned thus far, plus a whole lot more….Don’t let the opportunity of becoming a “Warrior” pass you by…get engaged, get ready, it’s time to fight or flight.

Course Length: 16-Hours

Cost: $200

AR-15 Classes for Everyone

Big Boys Guns, Ammo & Range is proud to present a series of AR-15 training classes. These classes are taught by our instructors and will take the AR-15 shooter from beginner to advanced enthusiast. You can look forward to learning the AR-15 assault rifle basic disassembly to advanced reloads, low light shooting and rifle operation. This series of courses is perfect for the shooter looking to take the AR-15 style rifle to a whole “nother” level. If you’re looking for more information or are considering the AR platform as part of your home defense plan, then we have a class that fits your needs.

AR-15 Bundle: Purchase all AR-15 Courses and become a WARRIOR for a discounted price of $560. Discount price must be paid in full at time of first course scheduling.

AR-15-Basic: Intro to the AR-15 Platform Class

Big Boys Guns, Ammo & Range has developed an introduction course to the AR-15 platform. This class is geared towards a firearm owner or anyone looking to learn how to use the AR-15 platform safely, effectively and reliably. You don’t need to own your own AR-15 to take this class; rentals are available from our Range staff.

Course Length: 4-Hours

Cost: $100

AR-15-01: Intermediate Defense Course

Whether you took Big Boys Gun, Ammo & Range Basic AR-15 course or you already have the basic skills and knowledge of Basic AR-15, this course picks up where the AR-15-BASIC left off and reincorporates the reload skills in addition to the new material. The prime goal of this level is to gear the student up for the AR-15-02 class while enhancing both confidence and proficiency with the AR platform.

Course Length: 8-Hours

Cost: $150

AR-15-02: Advanced Defense Course

This class of Big Boys Gun, Ammo & Range AR-15 lineup and incorporates skills learned from AR Basic and AR-15-01, enabling the student to test equipment, while learning new skills.

Course Length: 8-Hours

Cost: $150

AR-15-03: Advanced Rifle & Handgun Transition Course

The APEX class from Big Boys Guns, Ammo & Range combines the skills learned from all the AR- 15 classes, as well as those from our handgun class. This class offers the unique opportunity to shoot using both the AR platform and handgun skills. The student has the opportunity to “challenge” themselves and practice in a unique and safe environment.

Course Length: 16-Hours

Cost: $300

NRA Classes for Everyone

Big Boys Guns, Ammo & Range is proud to present a series of National Rifle Association (NRA) endorsed training classes. These classes provide a safe, family environment for those that have little to no experience with firearms.

NRA Home Firearm Safety Course

A non-shooting course. The course goal is to teach the basic knowledge and skills, and to explain the attitude necessary for safe handling and storage of guns in the home.

Course Length: 4-Hours

Cost: $40

NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation

The course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to one specific firearm model. This is an excellent choice for families wishing to have training for the whole family.

Course Length: 3-Hours

Cost: $30

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

This course introduces students to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. Through this course, the student will learn about pistol parts and operation, ammunition, gun safety, pistol shooting fundamentals and pistol shooting activities.

Course Length: 9-Hours

Cost: $75

*Prices on classes subject to change at any time.